RINAR nasal spray contains sweet almond oil and a low dosage of Capsicum oleoresin, particularly useful as a support in the treatment of vasomotor rhinitis with symptoms of nasal mucosa congestion. It relieves blocked-up nose and quickly reduces the excessive production of mucus, fostering the breathing, reducing the itching, thanks to the mechanical action and to the properties of the vegetable components.
Almond oil is a well known natural component and it is reported to be soothing, lubricating, softening, moisturizing and nourishing. It also carries excellent emollient properties.
Topical application of RINAR reduces nasal complaints, with a marked reduction - up to disappearance - in rhinorrea, sneezing and itching, without secondary effects.

DOSAGE and ADMINISTRATION: 1-2 sprays in each nostril, 2 or 3 times a day.
Generally it is sufficient to administer RINAR nasal spray just for 2-3 days in succession.
Topical application of RINAR nasal spray for few days reduces nasal aspecific hypereactivity, and the relative manifestations, for 2-3 months. RINAR nasal spray can be used again following the same dosage, in case of reappearance of the symptoms.

Vasomotor rhinitis is considered a hidden disease, since rhinitis is often assumed to be solely an allergic pathology. However, according to the National Rhinitis Classification Task Force, 43% of the cases are pure allergic rhinitis, 23% pure non allergic rhinitis and the remaining have mixed causes. Both allergic and non allergic rhinitis may have persistent and equally severe symptoms in terms of rhinorrea, sneezing, itching.

Watch the video to see the differential diagnosis of a patient with mixed Vasomotor rhinitis and a patient affected by pure Vasomotor rhinitis.


RINAR nasal spray is a metered-dose, manual pump spray, classified in Italy as Medical Device class 1, CE marked.
Each bottle of RINAR Nasal Spray, provides 100 sprays.

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